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Re-Design & Addition - South Pasadena

Embarking on a transformative journey, our team led a comprehensive redesign aimed at optimizing the outdoor space behind this hillside home. Skillfully, our team reimagined the exterior and interior, maximizing functionality and aesthetics. From there, our dedicated team transitioned seamlessly into the rebuilding phase, managing the initial dig, reinforcing the hillside with new caissons, and introducing significant improvements and updates to the home.

Undergoing a comprehensive redesign and remodel, this home has been elevated to new heights of practicality and style. The transformation includes the addition of a convenient first-floor laundry room, enhancing daily living. On the second floor, significant expansions and redesigns have taken place, creating a more spacious living room, master bedroom, and kitchen area. Collectively, these updates have added 495 sq. ft. to the home's footprint. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated team meticulously guided the project from conception to completion, ensuring the seamless integration of these impressive new additions.

Additionally, on the exterior, we introduced a spacious new deck area of 827 sq. ft. and new landscaping, providing an inviting outdoor space. The transformation also included a new roof and a completely refreshed exterior design, enhancing the home's overall aesthetic appeal.

These thoughtful updates not only expanded the home's square footage but also elevated its beauty, culminating in a substantial increase in its overall value.

Stunning South Pasadena Contemporary Home

Stunning South Pasadena Contemporary Home

Step into a world of refined transformation as our team unveils this extraordinary project. Capturing the essence of modern elegance, this image showcases the seamless integration and thoughtful redesign and remodeling that has expanded and reimagined the living space, introducing a first-floor laundry room and new first-floor bedroom with en-suite, second-floor additions include an expanded: living room, master bedroom, and kitchen area. The exterior boasts a stunning 827 sq. ft. deck, a new roof, and a fresh exterior design. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics that has elevated this South Pasadena hillside home to new heights.